Flat Glass Projects

These very large stairwell windows were original to Jerry's Queen Ann style home in Taylor, TX. Built in 1893, the window needed repair, and was bulging out, ready to come apart. This is why Jerry took his first stained glass class. He did successfully repair the windows as you can see. Talk about biting off a mouthful! But it is still hanging there today, and will be for years to come.
Jerry repaired the lower windows, but redesigned the half-moon window because the glass had once been repaired in the past, and the stained glass repairman had used the wrong colors and type of glass. Jerry successfully matched the colors and glass so that the half-moon window now looks like the original glass in the lower windows.
Clear glass also makes beautiful windows.
Jerry made this entry door window for a friend.
 Entry door window design by Camille.
Beveled Glass Door
Pattern was small image from magazine.
 Frame is mesquite wood.
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Jerry Frankeny: A Texas Stained Glass Artist