3D Glass Projects by Jerry

Texas Star Light Fixture
Stained Glass Butterfly in a Bell Jar
Tulip Lampshade
This was Jerry's first attempt to make a large dome lampshade. Unfortunately, it was stolen. If anyone sees it's whereabouts, please report it to the police. It was taken from a house afterwards burned by arson.
Making the Hummingbird Lampshade
This copper foil project was Jerry and Rebecca's first collaboration. Rebecca Lee, Jerry's wife, is also an artist who paints and draws. She drew on the mold, and Jerry altered it to stained glass. Obviously, you can't bend glass without heating it, and he altered the drawing into smaller pieces so the glass would fit the mold. Rebecca chose the glass. The lamp is entirely non-repetitive featuring single orange roses, pink hibiscus flowers and hummingbirds. In this photo you can see two of the hummingbirds placed on the mold.
Final Hummingbird Shade
Final Hummingbird shade after two years part time work and 1760 pieces.All fully original
Stained Glass Butterfly
"Gaudy Fly"
Mail box and newspaper box
Bubble gum tree
The Bubble gum tree is composed of 600 small pieces of glass in a
small daisy like flower attached into a lead and copper tree
This is a butterfly under glass with old stuff.
I made this lamp for my sister-in-law. No two pieces are the same. I just cut the pieces and stuck them on the mold, then I soldered them all.
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Jerry Frankeny: A Texas Stained Glass Artist